EpiWit TM

Differentiate in the market and grow your business!


EpiWitTM is our brand for B2B customers who wish to use their own branding. As for Epi&Co, EpiWitTM offers a great range of possibilities for plant-based protein solutions in your gourmet recipes, to create tasty and healthy meals for customers.
Made from wheat and chickpeas, EpiWitTM is a matchless vegetable protein source, low in salt and saturated fat and free from colourings and preservatives, helping create healthy meals to meet your customers’ needs.

EpiWit TM

Unleash your creativity!


Get started by choosing the various raw materials to combine with wheat– it could be herbs, spices or pulses. Select your preferred size and shape of pieces, and you are ready to go!


It’s simple as that!

Step 1 – Custom-made recipe

Step 2 – Custom-made shape (5g to 100g)

 Enjoy EpiWit TM: the perfect ingredient to develop your ready meals


Suitable for use in salads, snacking, and casserole recipes, EpiWitTM’subtle taste allows you to expand your options to meet your customers’ demands – and puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

Available in an organic version

Available in IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) version

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