Veggie Pieces "S" 1 kg
Olive oil 10 cl
Red onions 200 g
Garlic cloves 2 pieces
Bouquet garni 1 piece
Vegetable stock 1 l
White wine 10 cl

Tomato sauce 30 cl
Button mushrooms 300 g
Baby onions 250 g
Medium potatoes 2 kg
Chopped parsley 30 g

Place the baby onions in a saucepan with a small amount of olive oil (make sure they don’t sit on top of one another).
Add a pinch of sugar and salt.
Pour in some water until the onions are half-covered.
Cover them with a piece of baking paper with a hole in the middle.
After cooking for about 10 minutes, remove the baking paper and let the steam evaporate.
Once all the water has evaporated, keep cooking the onions. Stir them so that the onions caramelise all round.
Once the onions have an attractive colour, stop cooking and set them aside.
In a cooking pot, sweat the Veggie Pieces S in olive oil along with the red onions, garlic and mushrooms.
Pour over the white wine and leave to reduce by half.
Add in the vegetable stock, tomato sauce, potatoes and bouquet garni and cook on a medium heat for 40 minutes.
Once the sauce is cooked, add in the baby onions.
Add in the chopped parsley when you are ready to serve.