Veggie Pieces "L" (20 pieces) 660 g
Aubergines 3 kg
Rocket 400 g
Radishes 150 g
Cherry tomatoes 150 g

Olive oil 15 cl
Shelled almonds 600 g
Pumpkin seeds 400 g
Flour 250 g
Hazelnut oil 40 cl

For the crumble:
Using a mini food processor, mix the almonds, pumpkin seeds, flour and hazelnut oil in a bowl, but do it in several goes, not all at once. When this is done, put your mixture in the fridge.

Slice the aubergines into rounds and cook them in olive oil in a frying pan.
Fry the Veggie Pieces L in a little olive oil.
Spread the crumble mix over each Veggie Piece L, then place each one on a slice of aubergine. Toast in the oven to give them an attractive colour.
Place them on a bed of rocket along with some radishes and cherry tomatoes.