Veggie Pieces "L" 1 kg (30 pieces)
Carrots 1,5 kg
Olive Oil 900 ml
Lemon Juice 250 ml
Chopped Parsley 40 g

Liquid Honey 450 ml
Cumin 15 g
Paprika 10 g
Cinnamon 5 g
Pinch of salt and pepper

For the carrot salad:
In a pan , mix the carrots, 300ml of olive oil, 200ml of lemon juice, parsley, 150ml of honey, 5g of cumin and a pinch of salt.
For the marinade:
In another pan, mix 10g of paprika, 5g of cinnamon, 3g of pepper, 600ml of olive oil, 50ml of lemon juice, 300ml of honey, 10g of cumin and a pinch of salt.
Stir all the ingredients together and let marinate the Veggie Pieces “L” for about 3 hours.
In a frying pan, heat up the rest of the oil on a medium heat.
Add the Veggie Pieces “L” and cook for 3-4 minutes until they are nice and golden.
Serve with the carrot salad.