Veggie Pieces "M" 500 g
Baguette 10
Red pepper tapenade 1 kg
Carrots 1 kg

Tomatoes 100 g
Rocket 150 g
Olive oil

Use a vegetable slicer to cut the carrots lengthwise, then blanch them in salted water. Leave to cool and set aside.
Halve tomatoes and cut into slices.
Fry the Veggie Pieces M on a high heat with a dash of olive oil.
Cut the baguette open lengthwise and spread both its inner sides with red pepper tapenade.
On one side, add the rocket, the carrots (folded in two), the Veggie Pieces M and the tomato slices.
Cover with the second side of your bread. Your sandwich is ready to eat!
You can also put it in the fridge for later.