Veggie Pieces "S" 1 kg
Onions 300 g
Carrots 350 g
Leeks 300 g
Garlic 2 cloves
Potatoes 400 g

Button mushrooms 300 g
Bouquet garni (mixed herbs) 1 piece
Red wine 1 litre
Vegetable stock 500 g
Salt & pepper

Heat the red wine with the bouquet garni and unpeeled garlic over low heat.
Meanwhile, peel and mince the onions.
Peel and bias slice the carrots.
Thinly bias slice the leeks.
Peel and large dice the potatoes.
Quarter the mushrooms.
When the wine is hot, add the Sauté Végétal along with the vegetables and marinate overnight.
The next day, transfer the preparation to a stew pot.
Add the vegetable stock and simmer for one hour.
Check the seasoning and serve nice and hot.