Veggie Pieces "XL" 100 g (2 à 3 pieces)
Rustic Baguettine 140 g
Guacamole 30 g

Rocket Salad 40 g
Grilled Courgettes with oil 90 g
Sun-dried Tomatoes 40 g
Red Onions 4 g

Open the bread in its length.
Dispose the guacamole on both sides of the bread.
On one side, dispose the rocket, the Veggie Pieces “XL” (2 to 3 pieces), the drained grilled courgettes pieces, sun-dried tomatoes and to finish it up, the red onion slices.
Close the baguettine.
Reserve in the refrigerator.
Fry the drained Veggie Pieces “XL” in a knob of butter for about 5 minutes.
Place the Aiguillettes Végétales in the baguettine.