Veggie Pieces "XXL" (save the water you cook them in) 1 kg (10 pieces)
Olive oil 15 cl
Slices of toasted baguette 10
Pepper tapenade 300 g
Artichokes 3 kg

Pine nuts 300 g
Cherry tomatoes preserved in oil 400 g
Lemon 1
Salt and Pepper

For the artichokes:
Break off the artichoke stems. Remove the tough leaves around the base and the choke if there is one.
Use the point of a knife to remove the green section of the base.
Cut off the top of the artichoke leaves and take out the hearts. Slice them in two and sprinkle them immediately with lemon juice so they don’t turn brown.
Cook the artichoke hearts for 3 minutes in a saucepan full of lemon juice-flavoured salted boiling water. Drain them.

Fry the artichokes and pine nuts on a high heat in olive oil. Add the water you saved earlier when you cooked the Veggie Pieces XXL, plus some salt and pepper, cook for approx. 10 minutes. Pour the results out onto a plate.
Fry the Veggie Pieces XXL in a little olive oil.

Place them on a plate with the pepper tapenade toast and warm cherry tomatoes.