• Wheat proteins
  • Chickpeas (flour and whole chickpeas)
  • Shelled hemp seeds
  • Red and green bell peppers
  • Water
  • Sunflower oil, wheat fibres
  • Fried onions, Provence herbs
  • Salt, natural flavourings
  • Allergen present: wheat
  • In the frying pan or in the saucepan

Drain and golden the Veggie Pieces ”XXL” in a frying pan or in a sauce pan with a dash of olive oil, on a medium heat for about 5 minutes


  • In the oven

Heat up; with or without the broth; a few minutes depending on the sauce or the side dish.

  • The broth can be used as a base for a sauce.
Energy 659 kJ – 155 kcal
Fat (g)
      of which saturated fat
6,6 g
0,77 g
Carbohydrates (g)
      of which total sugars
8,0 g
<0,5 g
Fibres (g) 3,9 g
Proteins (g) 16 g
Salt (g) 0,88 g
Protein/Fat ratio 2,4