Épi&Co : The answers to your questions

Why are Épi&Co products made from wheat and chickpeas?

Tereos is an agricultural cooperative group that processes many primary raw materials, including wheat.
The Group prepares for tomorrow’s challenges in order to meet consumers’ food needs as well as anticipating those of future generations.
Épi&Co plant-based specialities enhance wheat’s potential in an innovative way.
By combining wheat and chickpea, a very interesting nutritional profile can be obtained.
The pulses included in the Veggie Pieces L, XL and XXL, also provide many benefits for both health and the environment.
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How to store Épi&Co products?

Épi&Co products are cooked under vacuum and sterilized. They also have a long shelf-life (12 months after production).
This allows a long room-temperature conservation and less energy consumption during transport, than fresh products.
Épi&Co plant-based specialities do not require specific refrigerated transport and can be kept for a long time in your cupboards!

What is the protein content of Épi&Co products?

All Épi&Co products are rich in 100% plant-based proteins!
They provide 16g of protein per 100g of net drained product.
Where do these proteins come from?
Épi&Co products are mainly composed of wheat and pulses which are naturally rich in proteins.
The combination of wheat and pulses allows to obtain high quality proteins.
For more information on pulses and their combination with cereals, go check here!

How to cook Épi&Co products?

You can cook Épi&Co products in 1001 ways!
To begin, choose your favourite way of cooking:

    • In a frying pan or saucepan: heat a dash of oil and add the pieces. Fry the Épi&Co products at medium heat for 5 minutes.
    • In the oven: reheat for a few minutes.
    • In a sauce: dip the Épi&Co pieces in the sauce and reheat for a few minutes.

You have the choice:

    • You prefer a crunchy texture? Drain the pieces
    • Do you prefer them tender? Warm them directly with the plant-based broth from the pocket, or with a sauce.

Don’t throw away the broth! It is an excellent base for your sauces: it adds a delicious taste to your preparations.

Épi&Co products can be used in all kinds of recipes:
In sandwiches, sauces, salads, in breaded breadcrumbs, sandwiches or wraps… you only need to let your imagination free!
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Where are Épi&Co products manufactured?

Épi&Co products are manufactured in France, in a dedicated laboratory in Alsace.
Our teams pay a special attention to the quality of production.

Where do the raw materials used to make Épi&Co products come from?

We attach special importance to the origin of raw materials for our products.
These are of high quality and all come from France and Europe.
Our wheat comes from the “Grand Est”, while the chickpeas come from “Occitanie” (French areas).
Épi&Co chooses its ingredients for their specific organoleptic qualities, in specialised regions, always in a quest to provide finished products with optimal nutritional or taste virtues.

Are Épi&Co products organic?

The Épi&Co products are organic since 2019.
They are certified by Ecocert, the first French certification organism!

All the ingredients in the organic range are from European Organic Farming.
Discover our organic range here.

Are Épi&Co products certified?

Our products have obtained several labels:

    • Organic: delivered by Ecocert
    • Vegan: with the V Label, attributed by the French Vegetarian Association
    • Halal and Kosher: provided by qualified organisations
    • Savour Alsace”: granted by the French regional organisations

All these labels are a guarantee of quality and are recognised in France.

Why are Épi&Co products « Clean Label » ?

Our products are “Clean Label” because we use natural ingredients and opted for short lists of ingredients, for healthy and low-processed products.

What is Épi&Co's product composition?

The composition of Épi&Co products varies from one reference to another.
Discover them here for the standard range, and here for the organic range.

What is the Épi&Co products ``Nutri-Score``?

All our products have a A “Nutri-Score” (French score)!
This means that their nutritional quality is good.
To find out how the Nutri-Score is calculated, go here!

Can we freeze Epi&Co products?

Epi&Co products can be safely frozen after opening the bag. We recommend to drain them and separate them before freezing, so that you can take out the pieces in portions and do not have to defrost the whole quantity.

The frozen products can be directly cooked without complete defrosting. However, it is recommended to defrost them first.

Also, don’t keep them in your freezer for too long to avoid cold burns (a few months maximum).

Do Epi&Co products contain allergens?

In respect of European legislation, Epi&Co informs about the presence of major allergens on products’ packaging. These products are mainly composed of wheat and therefore contain gluten. This is the only allergen present in Epi&Co products.

Which diets are suitable with Epi&Co products?

Epi&Co products are plant-based (made from wheat, chickpeas, vegetables and legumes, herbs…). They are therefore suitable with all specific diets, except the gluten-free diet.

Why this choice of packaging for Epi&Co products?

Epi&Co has decided to pack its products under vacuum pouches. We chose this packaging option because it does not require overpackaging: it is simple and effective!

In fact, it allows long conservation at room temperature. This conservation avoids waste and consumes less energy to store than a fresh or frozen product.